Summer in Africa

Here are two safari ideas for April and May 2007
both come highly recommended by us

7 Night / 8 Day Safari

Combining Lower Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls
Two nights Royal Livingstone Hotel (RL)
and five nights Sausage Tree Camp (STC) on the Zambezi River

Set Departures: with British Airways direct London-Lusaka flights!

Dept. LHR Fri 30th Mar. - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 7th Apr.
Dept. LHR Fri 06th Apr. - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 14th Apr.
Dept. LHR Fri 13th Apr. - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 21st Apr.
Dept. LHR Fri 20th Apr. - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 28th Apr.
Dept. LHR Fri 27th Apr. - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 05th May
Dept. LHR Fri 04th May - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 12th May
Dept. LHR Fri 11th May - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 19th May
Dept. LHR Fri 18th May - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 26th May
Dept. LHR Fri 25th May - 2 nights RL + 5 nights STC - Dept. LUN Sat. 02nd Jun.

Cost : US$3,825.00 per person
(Price excludes international flights)

Inclusive of the following:
Flights from Lusaka to Livingstone & road transfer from airport to RL
2 nights accommodation (B&B) at the Royal Livingstone (Std. Rm.)
Road transfer Liv. Airport & flights to Lower Zambezi N.P.
5 nights Sausage Tree Camp - “fully inclusive” (Not champagne or shop)
Flights from Lower Zambezi to Lusaka to meet BA flight to LHR.

Exclusive of the following:
Premium imports
International flights
Travel insurance

Notes: Min. 2 pax sharing; Min. age is 12yrs; RL does not include Lunch/Dinner or activities

Please contact us for more information.

7 Night / 8 Day Safari

Traditional hunting and ritual in a remotest part of the Western Kalahari
with the Bushman accompanied by Ralph Bousfield

Set Departures

16 April - 23 April 2007 (6 of 8 places available)
13 May - 20 May 2007 (4 of 8 places available)

For the first time ever, an incredible opportunity to experience a dignified and sensitive Bushman safari. For many years, it has not been possible to offer a genuine non-patronising Bushman experience due to the threat of exploitation. Now, Uncharted Africa Safari Company, in conjunction with the Bushman people themselves, offer a unique and fascinating opportunity to experience the age-old rituals and traditions associated with an eland hunt. The eland is the most important animal to the Bushmen, both as a practical resource (food, skin etc) and as a spiritual symbol. It is the largest antelope in the world and the only animal in the Kalahari that stores large quantities of fat (both in its dewlap and its hump). Fat is one of the only foods in the desert that is storable for the Bushmen as they have no system of refrigeration nor means of food preservation. One can therefore appreciate the great importance and value of this life-giving substance and majestic animal to the Bushmen people.

The rite of passage from boyhood to man is sanctified by the successful hunt of a large antelope. Sadly, this tradition is threatened with extinction because the Bushmen are too poor to forfeit the money that they could earn through hunting trophies. As a result, they are unable to hunt for ritual purposes. Uncharted Africa Safari Co has created a safari experience where Guests are able to accompany an authentic Bushmen hunt and respectfully observe the related rituals and tradition related to its successful conclusion. In so doing, sustainable cultural tourism preserves the Bushmen culture for future generations. Your Guide will be Ralph Bousfield in consultation with Community leaders thus ensuring a very unique experience that combines both culture and wildlife in an educational, yet non-intrusive, fashion. Ralph, both friend and colleague of John Stevens comes from a long line of African pioneers and adventurers; he went on his first safari at the age of three. His family has guided safaris for five generations, the first Guide in the family being his maternal great grandfather, Major Richard Granville Nicholson, who escorted Princess Eugenie to see her son's grave and the site where he was killed in the Zulu war on the 1st June 1879.

Cost : US$6720.00 per person
(price excludes international air fares)

Inclusive of the following :

All accommodation
Meals and drinks
Camping and hunting fees
Light aircraft transfers from and to Maun

Exclusive of the following :

Premium imports
International flights
Travel insurance

Please contact us for more information.

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