From the vast Bangweulu Wetlands that host the elusive Shoebill to the hushed and historical rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and everything in-between, 2007 was filled to the brim with wonderful discoveries, rare and awe-inspiring sights, uncomfortably close encounters, intrepid tracking ventures and rugby on the river! Experience it all with John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa.

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A Great John Stevens African Adventure provides an exciting medium for team-building, a fantastic incentive for corporates, a richly rewarding experience for life or a relaxed get-together for families or groups of friends. Group Bookings with John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa are welcome and we are able to design the perfect safari in many locations throughout Africa.

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If your team deserves the rewards and motivation that a John Stevens Safari provides, then book now. And if you belong to an organisation, group or business that demands top standards for its high performers, then John Stevens is the best man to show you and your associates the best of Africa. We guarantee a long-remembered, first-class experience!

"John Stevens Safaris organized and provided a complete safari experience for the 20 Trustees of the American University in Cairo and their spouses. All the facilities, food and staff surpassed our expectations and John Stevens made Africa come alive with his fantastic knowledge and personality. I had personally been on safari with John, alone and with my family, so felt totally confident he could give the Trustees the best possible experience.“

Bruce Ludwig, Trustee, American University in Cairo, Egypt

A Very Special Safari in Botswana
9 - 23 April 2008
Nicci and John - We'd really appreciate it if you could add the following to your next mailing - David Coulson and Angela Fisher

This trip is an opportunity of a lifetime to travel with famous photographer-authors Angela Fisher, Carol Beckwith, David Coulson and Alec Campbell into the heart of a wild and little known part of Africa, the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. Our host will be Ralph Bousfield whose company is called, "Uncharted Africa". Here we shall spend time with the Bushmen/San hunter-gatherers, following them on their hunts and participating in their dances and ceremonies. Afterwards Bousfield will take us out into one of the wildest places on earth, the great Makgadigadi Pans where we shall dine out under the blazing night sky. Later we travel to the Tsodilo Hills, home to many thousand ancient rock paintings and a Unesco World Heritage Site. Most of these paintings were discovered by Alec Campbell who was Director of the National Museums of Botswana for many years. He and photographer, David Coulson co-authored the book, African Rock Art which is the definitive book on the prehistoric art of this continent. Fisher and Beckwith are known throughout the world for their documentation of African ceremonies across the continent. On this safari we will have the unique opportunity of watching them at work with one of Africa's most fascinating and threatened indigenous peoples.

Don't miss this opportunity - David Coulson 7 February 2007

For further information email Angela Fisher at, Nicci Stevens on or visit

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