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Privately guided.
An exceptional African safari.

George Bernard Shaw might have been describing John Stevens when he said that “A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”
Call us a little biased, but we only need to hear our clients’ effusive and happy tales of time spent with John on safari to know, without doubt, that they have come away with more than they expected. There is simply no substitute for a good guide.

John Stevens will be one of the first people mentioned if you ask ‘who are the top safari guides in Africa?' He is the quintessential ‘Zim guide’: a leader in an outstanding generation of bush guides that emerged from Zimbabwe in the 1980s. They seem to share a genetic code: an excitable, boyish enthusiasm for adventuring in the bush, a decided preference for walking safaris rather than using a vehicle, brilliant knowledge, amazing tracking skills and the ability to be close to wildlife without confrontation. In short, they give you an intimate, sometimes dramatic, experience of wild Africa.” Roddy Bray

With all your senses engaged and a good guide by your side, your time in the bush can become an unforgettable experience. Attention to detail, a sense of humour, infectious enthusiasm, confidence, story-telling ability and an evident love of the bush and Africa as a whole… these are the qualities in a guide that will keep you enthralled and immersed in what should be a totally interactive experience.


“Imagine tracking a rhino, watching wild dogs near their den, witnessing lions go in for the kill or walking with elephants… and feeling that satisfying, dusty fatigue after a full day in the bush. It changes you, being so close to nature, learning how clever it all is, and, above all, understanding your humble place in it…” As his hands express the sheer breadth and height of his enthusiasm, John’s gaze goes off into the distance. For him, the ultimate safari will always be one where he or one of his many guiding friends in Africa can share all of this with clients, truly connecting them with the wilderness and the wildlife. An intimate, sometimes dramatic, experience of wild Africa – that’s the ultimate.

John Stevens spent 16 years with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority as Warden of Mana Pools and Matusadona National Parks. He then spent 15 years as a safari operator and guide in Mana Pools and Matusadona, where he still specialises in walking in wilderness areas and tracking, but he has simultaneously expanded his portfolio into other African safari countries – Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia and, to a lesser extent, Rwanda, Mozambique, Uganda….

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Please contact us if you wish to travel with John or any one of his guiding colleagues on an unforgettable safari in Africa next year!


“John’s knowledge and intuition is exceptional and the value of true guiding shines through when he operates. You have only to go with a less capable guide to realise just what a difference his level of experience can make to your safari.”


Join John and the Guided Safaris Africa team as we Stand Up For Elephants!

As many of you will know, Mana Pools is John’s “heart home”, where he feels most at ease and at his happiest. It’s here that he realised that there was an increasingly urgent need to bring more to the world’s attention the plight of elephants in the Zambezi Valley – and the threat that poaching and illegal wildlife activities bring not just to this iconic species but its environment and co-habitants, too. Zimbabwe has the world’s second largest population of elephant and there is a need to protect and maintain the population into perpetuity. By coming on safari, you can help with conservation efforts in so many ways and, if you like, we can arrange a safari that introduces you to the elephants of Zimbabwe and also helps support conservation. The formation of the Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF) with fellow Zimbabweans four years ago has made John not simply a safari professional, but a man on a mission to help the world understand how critical it is to protect the elephant landscape for tomorrow’s generations. The impact of ZEF’s work is evident and with events such as the upcoming Saving the Elephants Run in Central Park, New York, it can only get better. We invite you to join us, if you can, in New York – or we look forward to seeing you on safari in Africa!


Best wishes from John, Nicci, Sarah, Laura and Caroline


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