2012’s final edition of On Safari with John Stevens sees us wrapping up a great year, with some of the highlights inspiring us to explore even more exciting safari possibilities for our guests next year!

We all appreciate how coming to Africa can change your world-view and John is a great advocate of this. You can watch as much television as you like, but National Geographic has nothing on the reality of Africa’s vast wildness and experiencing it up close and personally is incomparable.

Signature Safaris

We’re busy working on some great ideas for next year’s Signature Safaris. These safaris are personally endorsed by John and will see our guests enjoying the company of great guiding friends and wonderful destinations.

In the meantime, a small taste of what you can expect in Zimbabwe 2013… Read more...

Our Featured Camp: Tassia Lodge, Northern Kenya

Few regions in Africa offer as much diversity as northern Kenya; as Stuart Butler, Lonely Planet author and photographer, describes it… “…a land of vast shattered lava deserts, camel herders walking their animals to hidden oases, fog-shrouded mountains populated by giant-tusked elephants, barren islands crawling with dinosaur-like reptiles, acacia woodlands teeming with wildlife and the jade waters of stunning Lake Turkana. It is also an area of unforgettable adventure.” Read more...

Tassia Community Projects

Martin Wheeler and Antonia Hall are in partnership with the Maasai community of the Lekurruki Group Ranch (Tassia Lodge). They pay an amount into the community, which increases each year. On top of this, the community receives a percentage of the guest bed night fee and the conservation fee.

Antonia's work with the Mokogodo women and their "Waste not Want not" (WnWn) jewellery project goes beyond financial contributions… Read more...

The Importance of a Great Guide

In our newsletters and Signature Safaris, we like to feature John’s friends and associates in Africa’s guiding world, particularly those who have learnt their craft and built up fine reputations over the last 20 or 30 years. Experience is key – and a good reputation is the measure of a great guide.
Suffice to say we are extremely proud of John Stevens’ reputation. It takes years to build up the kind of name that makes a difference to the experience guests can expect on safari.
Generally, a great guide can be described as passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, trustworthy and energetic… Read more…

Beautiful New Zealand, land of the Hobbit!

Luxury Tented Camp on the banks of the Zambezi River

Pack for a Purpose

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