“If you are into indulging a passive, arm-chair sort of curiosity, do not go to Gabon! Instead, read the brochures and choose a tour that keeps you comfortable and from getting too close to the edge… too close to the edge of survival, too close to the edge of greed, too close to the edge of innocence, too close to the edge of life itself.

Life in Gabon encompasses a sense of “being” that is inhaled along with the humidity, the heat and the frequent salt-seeking insects. At first, time weighs heavily on your hands … but slowly it enfolds you in an all-pervasive, organic sense of its presence and sweeps you amidst forests full of watching, sentient species; through villages full of watchful eyes and whispered stories; along rivers and roadways full of dust, mud and the tale of passages; and through the unknowing ages of our species’ presence in this ancient forest.

Gabon gives you pause … it is not spoiled by too many expectations, by too many yearnings for things to be too much more than they are. It will not always be thus. But it is right now, and it’s worth taking the moment to explore its land, its people … and, ultimately, yourself.”

Becca Hanson
Traveller & Adventurer
Gabon November 2005
(with Nicci Stevens and friends)

Gabon is for the adventurer and the traveller not the tourist. It is probably best to think about spending time in Gabon more along the lines of an exploration or an expedition and not to travel with high expectations based on normal safari experiences. There will be lots to take one out of normal comfort zones including some tough forest walking, haphazard standards of accommodation, food and service, and a train service that rarely runs on time !

But for those who want to be part of nature and experience the wild - Gabon will give you that taste of Eden some of us humans seek.

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