This, our 25th edition of On Safari with John Stevens, is a celebration of the exciting places we visit with our clients and the special people who make each safari unique and amazing.

We also introduce a community project that clients may like to be a part of and we tell you more about our own new, adventurous journey – Guided New Zealand…

Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton

Part of the John Stevens’ special brand of magic can be attributed to the many interesting characters the Stevens meet on their travels. These people become lifelong friends and colleagues whom John works alongside to deliver unique safari experiences.

Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton, world-famous elephant conservationists and owners and hosts of Elephant Watch Safaris in Kenya’s Samburu Reserve, are two such people.

Visitors to their beautiful camp enjoy extraordinary encounters with Africa’s giants in what is considered one of eco-tourism’s greatest triumphs.

This highly respected and outgoing couple made Elephant Watching in Samburu their life, living amongst the elephants, learning their behaviour and integrating their findings into important conservation and management strategies.

They wanted a place where guests and locals could enjoy the benefits of their experience and Oria found the perfect location for a camp alongside a riverbank not far from the research station.

The local Samburu tribe elders provided their best young men to help build and run Oria’s eco-aware, beautiful camp; today, these young warriors’ traditional knowledge and sense of humour bring to Oria’s camp in the wonderful Kenyan wilderness a unique and fascinating facet. John will be taking guests into Elephant Watch at the beginning of July.

If you’d like to read more about the Douglas-Hamiltons and their camp, go to

Leave a part of yourself in Africa

Many of our guests have mentioned they’d like to get involved in local community projects; some already have and we are pleased to let you in on a possibility that might inspire you and your family to engage with Africa on a different level.

Community and social projects provide the opportunity to experience a country in a more personal way; a safari opens your eyes and a project such as this will open your heart.

Close to our hearts is Numwa School at a nearby safari ranch called Imire, which is renowned for its work in rhino breeding.

Numwa School is both a primary and secondary school situated on Imire; over 1000 children attend the school and it provides the only secondary school facility within a 35km radius.

If you are interested in helping Numwa, or indeed, in staying for a few days at Imire Safari Ranch and physically helping out, please contact Nicci directly – We are currently working on a website link that will take you to more details for Numwa.

A Wonderful World in One

Nicci and John are back home in Africa, after four very successful months in New Zealand and Australia. Together with their daughter, Briar, who lives “down under”, they are delighted to announce the official launch of Guided New Zealand in early May.

Nicci was born in New Zealand and this exciting development stems from that connection and the wonderful network of friends and operators that the couple has built over the years. Using these special connections means that clients can enjoy the great benefits of truly personal service and fantastic local insights, meet “real” people and hear their stories, experience life in New Zealand on a different, up-close level – aspects so often missed when travelling on the mainstream tourist trail.

Each journey is considered a limited edition holiday; there are no two alike and every host along the way is well known and liked by the Stevens, a worthy recommendation for any client.

Think of wine-tasting in some of the country’s best vineyards, country picnics in rolling green fields, spectacular coastal walks, fishing adventures, sheep station visits, exhilarating skiing, fascinating cultural trips, historical insights, fantastic food and the most comfortable accommodation. All tastefully combined to give you a classic Stevens-quality holiday that gives you the inside story at every point.

If you would like to find out more about unique journeys in New Zealand, contact Briar at

We can’t wait to welcome you to Africa.
Best wishes from John and Nicci

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