This hankering for good old-fashioned crafting of products and services has seen a revival in all things lovingly hand-made and a resurgence in truly personal service across every level of life, from work to play, around the world.

But it’s a combination of these fine attributes that has always been “the John Stevens’ way”. For thirty years, John’s guiding style and his wife, Nicci’s skilful design of unique safari experiences has put John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa up where this esteemed brand belongs. Quietly, with no fuss or bother, the Stevens have, over 30 years, built up a name that elicits respect amongst both peers and clients alike because they care about what people want on a once-in-a-lifetime trip (it’s an investment, after all) and they pay attention to the details (sweating the small stuff is a big deal to them!).

This year, we celebrate the passion, the knowledge, the warmth and enthusiasm of John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa. We’ll discuss how a safari with John or an experience put together by Nicci will leave an indelible mark on you for the rest of your life; we’ll remind you of the many different and wildly exciting ways you can experience an African adventure; we’ll share incredible stories and special memories that some have heard already around the campfire; we’ll mark milestones along the way and we’ll pay tribute to the many marvellous people and places out there that continue to inspire and awaken the audacious in all of us!

30 Years of Extraordinary Adventures – that’s something, isn’t it? For John Stevens, it’s about big, bold, brave and beautiful. But most importantly, it’s about offering a bespoke experience… one that’s lovingly handcrafted for individuals like you and me. Nicci and John look forward to many more years and invite you to celebrate with them throughout this year.

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