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Newsletter - November 2011

This issue urges you to book soon for your 2012 safari! We have space available next year in some of Africa’s best destinations. Whether you’re thinking of gliding along in a mokoro through the Okavango Delta, standing in the spray of the magnificent Victoria Falls, moving with the migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara, sunning yourself on a Mozambique beach or walking along a meandering river in Zambia, we can arrange it for you. Please also take a look at our new Signature Safaris, which we hope will tempt you to take up one of our favourite African adventures next year.

Best wishes from John and Nicci

“Zimbabwe is a really exciting place to visit now, especially for the first time traveller to Africa. Perceptions of my country are beginning to change and we've witnessed enormous progress in the past two years,” says archaeologist, safari guide and native Zimbabwean Paul Hubbard.
Extract taken from an original article by Mark Sissons, Calgary Herald; Postmedia News, November 2011,

While you’re here, lend a hand

One of the great things about coming to Africa on safari is interacting with the local people, learning new cultures, experiencing other lives.

There’s even a chance of life-changing experiences if you get hands-on involved with a local community. Our suggestion in the last letter – Numwa School at Imire Safari Ranch – still stands, but we’d like to put forward a couple of other suggestions.

Book now for your 2012 Safari!

We are reminded every day that availability in Africa’s hottest destinations is getting increasingly rare, particularly in the smaller, more personal camps that we favour!

Our close relationships with operators mean that we can negotiate good rates on your behalf and even beg for the best rooms! So sit down with your family and decide on the adventure of a lifetime - an exclusively designed safari or even one of our Signature Safaris.

Family safaris are incredibly bonding, plus each individual in the family unit discovers what their limits are – and how soon they can overcome these in a safari situation! Discover Africa’s wildlife, and her incredible diversity, but most of all – discover yourself. It’s all possible in Africa and it’s never too late – contact Nicci before year-end to arrange next year’s most exciting trip!

Signature Safaris

We are pleased to offer a limited range of private and small group safaris to some of our favourite places in Africa.

Although these safaris are not tailor-made, they remain infused with the Stevens’ well-known ethos of quality and class. They are more affordable than bespoke and, although John will not join you on these trips, he has contributed considerably to these ideas; you’ll enjoy the hospitality of world-class lodges and camps run by people we know, the knowledge and expertise of brilliant guides whom John would recommend, plus efficient ground handling and transfers. This is John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa best-of-the-best, and we’re happy to share it with you! Click on the images above to view the complete itinerary.

Please note:
If you love the sound of any of these Signature Safaris, but would rather take them at a different time, or with added extensions, this can be arranged. Similarly, if you’d like to lengthen or shorten the safari, or have it organised privately, we can do this for you. Email Nicci – with your requirements, we look forward to discussing these with you.

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