Welcome to the latest edition of On Safari with John Stevens.

We’ve just welcomed summer into our part of the world – a glorious time of year when the
indigenous msasa trees turn various shades of red with new leaf, when sunsets are blood red
in the dusty evening skies and when the promise of new life can be felt on the scented air.
Oh, Africa in all her intense glory! Join us as we share a few safari highlights, introduce you
to our friend and fellow safari guide, Ralph Bousfield and encourage you to chat to us about
your next safari, before all the best spots get booked up! Enjoy.

Zimbabwe. Our Special Destination.

Zimbabwe has always enjoyed a reputation for friendly people, beautiful natural features and a variety of landscapes, amazing wildlife and big tourist attractions such as the incredible Victoria Falls. Like her people, our country has proved to be resilient and strong and, against what we thought of as often-unfathomable odds, there is now a new optimism emerging and it is evident in the improved facilities, brand new camps and re-vamped accommodation throughout the cities and tourist spots. Zimbabwe is still the special destination it’s always been and we are thrilled to be welcoming more visitors into the country once more…

Family News

John celebrated a special 60-something birthday with good friend and client, John Morgan, in July. Nicci and the girls set up a beautiful luncheon in the garden at their home in Harare and guests enjoyed delicious food, irresistible jazz music – it got everyone dancing on the lawn! – and lovely company. John enjoyed the day so much and it was the perfect start to an incredible safari with the “other” John through Zimbabwe, Botswana and Kenya… Read more about his Safari Highlights so far here…

Featured Guide:
Ralph Bousfield, Jack’s Camp, Botswana

John Stevens works with some of the best guides across Africa and holds Ralph Bousfield, Botswana’s most prominent guide, in particularly high regard, both professionally and as a friend. Just last month, John spent time with Ralph in his mobile camp in a remote part of the Delta. Ralph and his partner, Caro, celebrated the birth of their first child, a son, a week later and named him Jack after Ralph’s beloved late father; we send our warm congratulations and wish them all the very best – could Jack be the sixth generation of Botswana’s First Safari Family? Watch this space!
Read More about Ralph here…

Bomani - Community & Environmental Work Opportunity for our Safari Travellers

Bomani Safari Camp has always been about more than wildlife. For over a decade this beautiful wilderness lodge in the southern side of the Hwange National Park has worked hard to protect the natural areas surrounding it. This includes hands-on involvement with the local community, and protecting and preserving the surrounding fauna and flora… Read More

Pack for a Purpose

Beautiful New Zealand, land of the Hobbit!

Luxury Tented Camp on the banks of the Zambezi River

We offer the following Signature Safaris

Saddle & Paddle Botswana
September / October 2012

Robin Pope’s Liuwa
November 2012

Richard Knocker's Tanzania
November 2012

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