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If you have not been on safari with us before please send us the completed pre safari contact form. We will begin the process of matching your needs and expectations with our knowledge and experience in order to come up with the best possible safari itinerary personally crafted for you.

Sometimes an itinerary takes a while to evolve as we like to take the time to help you understand the many exciting options.


"The trip was utterly fantastic. Elsa and I were thrilled with everything; our children and in-laws were so excited and happy to be together. And the grandchildren may never experience anything like it again in their lifetimes!

The sequence of sites was perfect: more and more animals at each stop. Each camp was unique, and fun in its own way. The hosts were great. Elsa and I liked Sarara the best, although Rekero and Mara are such amazing places! Sosian turned out to be good for the grandchildren with diversions. Soccer, horses, pool, etc., all added to the fun. Everywhere The Masai and Samburu guides were remarkable-well trained, knowledgeable, helpful, funny, great with the young kids.

The wildebeests put on a spectacular show, as did lions/hyenas/vultures, not to mention Cheetahs and Leopards.

John was wonderful throughout. But probably his finest moment was calling the Black Rhino to the vehicle (30 feet seemed quite close enough). Maybe the others were his exuberant declarations that (1) seeing no animals gave us a chance to enjoy the quiet and calm of the Bush and (2) that the rain was lovely, that it would reduce sunburn, and that the next day would be spectacular. And it was! He was fun for all of us.

Sharon in Nairobi saved our minds and lives when I had to go to the hospital. Everything was handled beautifully, including air pickups, ground transportation, and arrangements.”
Terry and Elsa Willams, Washington DC, August 2008

John Stevens specialises in planning and leading private family safaris - 'family' is defined as parents and/or grandparents, with children. This type of safari needs an entirely different approach and careful planning, especially when younger children are involved.

Being a father of three, John understands well the need for a family safari to be active and varied, that Africa has to come alive and be fun for everyone - but for children the experience needs to be a learning one in the most subtle and exciting way. John is a quiet and patient teacher who is never happier than when sharing his knowledge and passion for the bush. He loves explaining the habits of an elephant, identifying birds, teaching how to track a lion, as well as bush survival skills such as making string, lighting a fire (without matches), or finding water. Walking is important for children, allowing them time to let off some of their boundless energy. Safety is a factor on any safari, but especially one involving children.

Parents are the best judge as to whether they think their children are ready for a safari, more particularly, whether their children are capable of listening to and obeying instructions. This is imperative when on foot, walking amongst wild animals. Many safari camps and operations do not cater for children. It is our business to know these things and to find the best spots for the whole family's enjoyment. Every country we operate in would be perfect for a family safari.

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