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If you have not been on safari with us before please send us the completed pre safari contact form. We will begin the process of matching your needs and expectations with our knowledge and experience in order to come up with the best possible safari itinerary personally crafted for you.

Sometimes an itinerary takes a while to evolve as we like to take the time to help you understand the many exciting options.

Transformational Journeys

Some inspired ideas that take you off the beaten track...

John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa creates original journeys for and with each and every one of our guests.

Some of our guests’ needs have been inspirational in their approach and we’d like to draw special attention to these, which we hope will help you understand just how unique and different your safari might be.

We love pushing the boundaries and going beyond the expected, so give us a challenge! Get involved with local communities, actively participate on a volunteering safari, celebrate a special family occasion in the bush, (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and honeymoons with a difference – we have loads of ideas), go extreme on a physical level, incentivise your employees or reward your colleagues with an exciting survivor-style challenge or leisurely R&R, create a fun women’s only adventure or a kids’ “active aptitude and ability” group that teaches them the value of teamwork and important skills for life… if you can think of anything else that you’d like to do, we’d love to hear from you!

Also take a look at our featured Signature Safaris, which will give you some insight into the outstanding expeditions that John Stevens personally endorses and recommends you explore next year.

Tom Addison

A journey that took Tom into local communities, schools, homes and workplaces to understand better the everyday lives of ordinary Zimbabweans in cities and rural areas.

The Siggs of Switzerland

A special family safari in Botswana and Zimbabwe – one that brought the family closer together through mutual exploration of places and cultures.

Abumax Group

Eight teenage boys who wanted to experience and learn from active adventure and supreme challenges in Africa’s most exciting destinations.

John Morgan

One man’s quest to explore the best of Zimbabwe, Botswana and Kenya over six weeks – a leisurely look that allowed for deeper insights and meaningful experiences.

Becky Rom and Reid Carron

The second part of their safari journey into Zambia and Zimbabwe saw Becky and Reid joining the volunteers group at Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation, Zimbabwe – getting down and dirty with helping hands and kind hearts!

Calum Morrison – The Extraordinary Adventure Club

Calum creates adventures and experiences for those undergoing transition or meaningful changes in life. Accompanying his client, while John provides the security and bush expertise, adventures this year have involved spending time with wildlife conservancy scouts as they undertake anti-poaching patrols and back-packing through the Mana Pools Wilderness area, experiences always requiring determination and perseverance.

To find out more about any of these inspired journeys, please contact Nicci or Laura today!

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