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These different approaches to coming on safari will give you a good idea of what the different terms mean and also what is possible.

Combine adventure with relaxation, rustic with luxury, or community work with a beach break. Bring together your passion, be it sport, art or history, and the wonders of wildlife and the bush into one wonderful trip. No two safaris designed by us are ever the same – each is custom designed to meet your uniquely special requirements.

Whatever you choose, we are driven to share the uniqueness of this wonderful continent, while maintaining respect for the environment and nearby communities – and challenging preconceived notions of luxury travel.

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As a first-time visitor on safari to Africa, you’ll have many questions – when is the best time of year to go on safari? What are the different safari destinations? How safe is it to go on safari? Will I really be sleeping in tents? And travelling in a small aeroplane and landing on grass strips in the bush? What should I pack?

We’re here to guide you and work with you to design the safari adventure you dream of.

If you have any of these or other questions, please get in touch!

As a returning traveller to Africa, you will have a good idea of how things work on safari. Everything, from early morning wake-up calls, transfers between camps, luggage dos and don’ts to what to wear and how to behave in the bush, are now second nature.

A classic safari in a country such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania or Kenya is a good grounding for the more exploratory trips you can take, both in these countries and beyond. Lately, our returning clients or more seasoned travellers have also visited destinations as far off-the-beaten-track as Ethiopia, Namibia, Rwanda and Malawi.

You may even like to explore a special interest you have, such as fishing, birding, photography, yoga, golf, history or culture. Safaris built around these can easily be arranged.

Weddings and honeymoons, too, can be put together; some people say there is nothing more romantic or memorable than an African wedding or honeymoon! The perfect start to one of life’s great adventures…

Even if the destination doesn’t take you far, perhaps your next experience will see you pushing your personal limits and getting out of your comfort zone – with wildly adventurous activities (think hiking for days into magnificent wilderness, kayaking or canoeing down rivers, horseback riding, trekking through forests to meet gorillas, or even immersing yourself in practical community work or volunteering for conservation efforts).

You are keen to explore new territories, far-flung destinations, unusual places. Think Ethiopia, Rwanda, Malawi or Mozambique, for instance. Adventurous travellers might take an expedition, rather than a “safari”. Check out John Stevens Expeditions Africa for some great ideas.

If you have adventure in your heart and itchy feet, our understanding of your interests, desires and tolerance and fitness levels will give us a good idea of the kind of adventure experience we can put together. For John, this kind of safari is his most favourite and that is why we’ve dedicated a whole new website to his passion! Together with a group of John’s respected guiding colleagues, we can offer an amazing range of active adventures, expedition-style!

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