Walking wild and wonders of the world

Zimbabwe offers more variety in terms of styles of safari than any other country. Its menu of walking, riding, canoeing, boating, horseback riding and traditional vehicle safaris makes it appealing to all.

Mana Pools National Park on the banks of the Lower Zambezi must qualify as one of Africa’s most beautiful parks. The shaded pools attract game to drink throughout the day. Shy bushbuck, kudu, eland, impala, and elephant all take their turn whilst buffalo and waterbuck make their way to the sandy banks of the Zambezi. Elephant wander through the tented camps overlooking the river, as they forage for acacia pods.

Hwange is known for its heavy concentrations of game, particularly elephant and buffalo, and packs of endangered wild dog. Safaris here are by vehicle or on foot. Matopos National Park provides a very different landscape of wind sculpted granite hills and rock kopjes with both black and white rhino, a high concentration of raptors and ancient Bushmen cave paintings. And Matusadona National Park combines mountain, bush and lake landscapes for a spectacularly placed safari.