Featured Itinerary : Northern Tanzania

Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park.

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This exciting safari takes you through some of the most dramatic and game rich areas of Tanzania. Here you will witness spectacular wildlife displays as the great herds of Africa gather across the vast open plains of the Serengeti. More on this itinerary.

Group Bookings
Family, Executive, Incentive, Leisure or Team-Building

A Great John Stevens African Adventure provides a relaxed get-together for families or groups of friends, an exciting medium for team-building, a fantastic incentive for corporates. Group Bookings with John Stevens Guided Safaris Africa  are welcome and we are able to design the perfect safari in many locations throughout Africa.
Over the years John and Nicci Stevens have organised, hosted and guided a number of big safari groups including some quite large families, WWF and Peregrine Society members, Smithsonian Directors and more recently the Trustees of the American University in Cairo.  We feel we have the experience and expertise  to provide the best possible safari experience regardless of the number of people (we’ve learnt a few tricks !).  If you are interested in putting a group together, and because  groups over 14 – 16  can easily book up a whole camp or lodge,  of the smaller preferred kind,  this must be organized well  in advance.

Terry and Elsa Willams, Washington DC,  August 2008
“We are on vacation in Vermont—which seems to have consumed much time (since returning from Africa) and effort, some of which might have been devoted to writing you and John much sooner.

The trip was utterly fantastic. Elsa and I were thrilled with everything; our children and in-laws were so excited and happy all to be together. And the grandchildren may never experience anything like it again in their lifetimes!

The sequence of sites was perfect: more and more animals at each stop. Each camp was unique, and fun in its own way. The hosts were great. Elsa and I liked Sarara the best, although Rekero and Mara are such amazing places! Sosian turned out to be good for the grandchildren with diversions. Soccer, horses, pool, etc all added to the fun. Everywhere the Masai and Samburu guides were remarkable—well trained, knowledgeable, helpful, funny, great with the young kids.

The Wildebeests put on a spectacular show, as did lions/hyenas/vultures, not to mention Cheetahs and Leopards.

John was wonderful throughout. But probably his finest moment was calling the Black Rhino to the vehicle (30 feet seemed quite close enough). Maybe the others were his exuberant declarations that (1) seeing no animals gave us a chance to enjoy the quiet and calm of the Bush and (2) that the rain was lovely, that it would reduce sunburn, and that the next day would be spectacular. And it was! He was fun for all of us.

Sharon in Nairobi saved our minds and lives when I had to go to the hospital. Everything was handled beautifully, including air pickups, ground transportation, and arrangements.”

Bruce Ludwig, Trustee, American University in Cairo, Egypt
"John Stevens Safaris organized and provided a complete safari experience for the 20 Trustees of the American University in Cairo and their spouses. All the facilities, food and staff surpassed our expectations and John Stevens made Africa come alive with his fantastic knowledge and personality. I had personally been on safari with John, alone and with my family, so felt totally confident he could give the Trustees the best possible experience.“

Contact Nicci Stevens for more information about group safaris  nicci@johnstevensssafaris.com

John Stevens US Speaking Tour

 For a man who has been described as “the best of the best” and a “legend among his peers”, John Stevens modestly likes to think he’s just lucky enough to have “the best job in the world”. 

Now John wishes to share his experiences and knowledge in a refreshingly different way; his plans to tour America in 2009 have been met with excitement and interest. If you are interested in engaging John Stevens as a speaker write to Nicci - nicci@johnstevenssafaris.comClick here for more information.

New Year 2010 with John Stevens in East Africa

John Stevens is available 29 December  2009 through to early January 2010.  This is an excellent time for game viewing  in  Kenya and Tanzania .  If you would like to book this particular safari time with John please get in touch with us immediately as accommodation and services are booking up fast over these prime dates. Contact Nicci for more information.

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